Honeys of television color shows

I don't get cable television, so I wasn't aware of all the do-it yourself color shows out there in HGTV-land. At first, I got excited thinking, ooh that would be fun to host a show about color. Then I saw the hosts, and thought twice. It appears you need to have been a Lakers girl, model, or something of that sort before landing a gig on tv...
Just take a look at these lovelies:
Left to right:Constance Ramos, Jane Lockhart, Danielle Hirsch and David Bromstad

Ah ha! Turns out Constance Ramos, beauty #1, was a professional cheerleader for the Kansas City Chiefs.

There's Color Correction,
Get Color, and Color Splash on HGTV's channel alone. Does anyone know if these shows are any good? Do these consultant/designers know their stuff when it comes to color?