Rebranding with color to reach new audience

I remember growing up, my mom stirred this stuff into her orange juice, and gulped it down with great effort. We jokingly referred to it as her "sawdust drink". Fiber has come a long way. No longer looking to just reach its usual audience of 50 year olds or older, Metamucil, the maker of a dietary fiber supplement for regularity, is shifting things with new packaging and a slew of ad campaigns. Targeted to reach women who are health conscious and in their mid 30's, the brand will utilize attractive models and new pink and peach packaging to help push their positioning within the marketplace. (source)
They are trying to make Metamucil look like a beauty aid and a must-have items for cleaner, fresher intestines. Watch the TV commercial.
Have you seen the new ads? Do you think they are successful? Personally, I think it's rather bizarre, but I'd be curious to see if their repositioning has increased sales. If nothing else, the packaging certainly appeals to a younger crowd with the feminine pinks, oranges, and peaches. Ah yum, fiber!