More MoMA fun

Reader Sarah wrote in to tell me about Color Chart, a flash-based site created in conjunction with the New York City MoMA exhibit on color. Thanks for the tip!
It's really well-done: viewers get to see examples of the pieces in the exhibit, all neatly categorized, complete with little explanations of the artist's concept, history, or inspiration.
For instance, "Green Screen", by Liz Deschenes.
"The subject of this photograph is a green screen on view at the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas. Green screens are used in film production to save time and money. Actors are filmed in a studio in front of the screen, and the green background is later replaced with final background footage. Deschenes has made a monochrome image in a color valued for its technical utility rather than its aesthetic quality and whose function ultimately leads to its own eradication."

You can browse through the exhibit by Artist,Timeline,or Media.

I was tickled to see some art that pretty closely reflects a recent exercise I did with my color theory students at MICA. See, guys, you were creating art!

It's fun to poke around and see how artists played with the theory behind ready-made colors. When does something go from art, to utility? Where do you draw the line? Pretty interesting stuff...

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