Check for me on Thursday

I'm really excited for Thursday. Two weeks ago, the Washington Post called to interview me for a print article they are putting together about paint in their Home section. It was great fun, the journalist ask me all sorts of questions about paint, color consulting, and blogging, and I just babbled on and on. I could talk about those topics indefinitely! Then last week, I was invited to the Post's photography studio in downtown DC to pose for the cover of the section. Needless to say, I was super nervous in front of the camera, but the photographer and art director were very encouraging and sweet. I felt like this was my America's Next Top Model moment, complete with hot lights and everything. All we were missing were fans blowing for that sexy hair look...

Hopefully, I can locate the article online, and will post a link to it. Otherwise, head for your local newsstand on Thursday the 20th to take a peak!

Update: the article is online now!