Back to basics- Starbucks waxes nostalgic

There are three camps of coffee drinkers. Those who openly admit to loving Starbucks; those who love it, but are ashamed to admit it; and those who love to hate Starbucks. Don't you agree? That being said, whatever camp you come from, have you been into a Starbucks recently? Notice anything different about their logo?
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After a hiatus of 9 years, Howard Schultz is back to rescue Starbucks from its sad decline. "Starbucks unleashed an unprecedented wave of brand nostalgia by deploying the original Starbucks logo on the masses"-Brand New

According to the Wall Street Journal, this new itteration isn’t permanent–the retro logo is being used temporarily. But as they so astutely say, "in the annals of brand identity, switching away from a high-recognition logo–even for a promotion–is an unusual move."
There's a tidal wave of talk going on in the blogosphere.

For your reference, here's where the logo has been, and where it has gone again:

From affirming green, to dull brown, I fear the change was not a good move, other than to stir up buzz. (get it? "stir" up "buzz"? Ah, I crack myself up...) The Starbucks logo had established quite an identity for itself. Even from far away, the green circle on a coffee cup was pretty darn identifiable. Brown is a difficult color to use for branding because it lacks pizazz. UPS chose to use the color because it hid the dust on their trucks. Can you think of any other well-recognized brand that uses brown successfully?

What do you think of this new transition from what the public is familiar with, to something less, dare I say, remarkable?