Color- the bandaid to make it all better?

Walmart has just updated their logo with an informal type treatment and new colors.
Many muse that the change comes as Walmart strives to remove itself from its rather undesirable reputation of an invasive retailer who swoops into a town and puts all the mom and pop shops out of business. Not to mention their unethical employment and environmental practices. (Can you tell how I personally feel about the franchise?)
The official press release simply states:
...what really matters is what happens out there in the stores. This update to the logo is simply a reflection of the refresh taking place inside our stores and our renewed sense of purpose to help people save money so they can live better.
Why so tight-lipped about the new redesign goals?
Intended to humanize their logo, the use of a warmer, friendlier blue and sunny yellow orange starburst certainly is more approachable than the previous corporate blue hue. Don't you think? Will this new design change your mind about Walmart's message?

via BrandNew