My Color Nightmare

We've moved into a lovely Mediterranean-style house that we're renting, and since I have none of my stuff, have been occupying myself by repainting the interior (with the blessing of our landlords).

For the most part, it's been simple- just design a color palette that reflects and enhances the existing architectural style of the house, as well as helps with transitions, lighting issues, and all that jazz. Lots of golds, rusts, warm reds, and yellows to warm up the place. (I'll show you some before and afters in an upcoming post)

So, we've got a pretty consistent architectural style here. Until we get to the bathroom. It's so ghastly, I haven't wanted to step foot in it, and instead have been using the guest bathroom in the basement! Ready for this? Here it is:
Mint green appliances and peach/rose tile. Can you stand it? Is it just me, or is this just too horrible for words?

My husband says we have to embrace its "funkiness" and go all out. He's voting to paint the remaining wall spaces mint green to match the bathtub, sink and toilet.
Here, to the left of the sink, you can see a square of rose color, where a previous owner had gone the pink route. I only discovered this after ripping a Christmas scene plastic tray off the wall that had been glued in place.
At one point, I was considering charcoal gray, to accent the black tile motif, and try to draw attention away from the overall pastely-ness. Of course, that would probably make the bathroom way too dark, and that's no good, either.
So basically, we've got the white walls above the tile work, the shower curtain, towels, and throw rug to work with. I am TOTALLY stumped on this one, and since it's my own rental, don't have the objectivity to examine some color options. Oh, color-savvy readers, please help!