Color Nightmare, Part II

I love, love, love everyone's great ideas to help fix up my nightmare bathroom. From lilac to clay, everyone had such creative solutions, I was super impressed. Reader (and fellow color consultant) Jessica even went so far as to do some virtual mock-ups with some paint ideas. Thanks SO much!
Balsam 567, Arizona Canyon 1211, and AF-630 Kalamata (all BM)

After giving it some more thought, and considering all the wonderful options you all suggested, we have settled (so far) on a rich brown with purple undertones- BM's Rural Earth 1239. The purple (suggested by several readers) was a great idea, as it turns the peach and green into a variation of a secondary color scheme (orange/green/purple)
A quick virtual mock-up to get an idea of how it will look.

I swear, I must have tried out practically every color in the fan deck. I didn't want to add any more activity to an already colorfully-overloaded space, so finding something to neutralize the peach that didn't clash with that mint was really hard. Reader Kelly mentioned it felt bottom- heavy, and I think that is really true. All that activity down below, with nothing to balance it above.
So, there's no turning back now, as the gray primer is up! Next step, the real paint. Then, if we're satisfied, onto figuring out towel, rug, and curtain colors. Any thoughts?

Thanks SO MUCH for all your wonderful help- I really appreciate it!