iPhone color application

My husband has been drooling over the new iPhone, as he is obsessed with technological toys. While we're holding off buying one until Apple changes its ridiculous service provider policy, it's still fun to check out all the great third party applications being developed for this toy.

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One that caught my eye was a color application (surprise, surprise!)
Color Expert helps artists and designers identify, translate, capture and show color using their iPhone or iPod touch. You can use an interactive color wheel to identify a target color and then find several palettes backed by color theory. When you're satisfied with the palette you have created, you can e-mail it to yourself or someone else for future reference.
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I was initially skeptical about how this little program could be useful to anyone, given the screen can't really be calibrated accurately, (as far as I know). Skimming through comments at the end of an article, I read an opinion that changed my mind:

I've been working with a very fussy client on a website. We just couldn't come to an agreement on the colors. She loves green, Today, I was in her office and she pointed to her sweater and said that was the color she wanted.

I pulled out the iPhone and opened Color Expert. I took a picture of her sweater, selected the green I thought she would like and showed her the analogous colors based on that selection and she was excited as those were the colors she wanted. -DreamweaverMM (source)

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I can definitely see how that would be useful. Do you rely on technology when you are creating or designing something, or do you prefer to use more traditional media?