Put your sunglasses on for this one

The NYT recently published an article about an eclectic couple living in the artsy mountain town of San Miguel de Allende and their rather colorful abode.
Okay, that's putting it mildly.
It's an art project, eternally in progress, as they add layer upon layer of murals, shrines, mosaics, decoupage, and paint. The colors are absolutely wild. See for yourself:
“The palette is ‘no rules,’ ” says Anado McLauchlin, one half of the dynamic decorating duo. “When you have rules like only beige or oatmeal, you’re limited to that palette. When you use all the different colors, there are no rules, there is no editor. It’s very freeing.” (source)
Doubling as a showroom, most of the outside art and furniture in the house is available for sale. For those of you with creativity block, they also offer workshops.

A bit over the top as a living environment for most people, I would assume. But it just goes to show you that everyone has a different approach to what constitutes "home" for them. Regional differences also play a huge role, as a palette found in Mexico is going to be vastly different than a popular color scheme in say, San Francisco. What colors do you use in your house to reflect your personal taste and aesthetics? Do you find your color taste is an accurate reflection of your specific region?

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