Reader Dilemma- home gym colors

Reader Rachael wrote in to ask for advice about her workout room. Let's see if we can't help her out!
I was wondering if you could recommend one or 2 colors to paint my home gym. It's an empty basement room, 11x14. I was thinking something relaxing yet energizing, perhaps a calming blue or toned down lime green. What do you think?
- Rachael
I'm always fascinated by the reaction color elicits in individuals- Rachael says the existing soft peach walls make her want to curl up and take a nap. Generally, the warm hues are recommended for encouraging activity. But perhaps this specific tone is too soft and cozy. There's always a very personal aspect of color-what is calming to one can be stimulating to another.
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The first thing I would do, to give the feeling of space and light, would be to add some large, floor to ceiling mirrors. The room will hopefully feel more expansive that way, since there are no windows. You don't want to feel closed in.
Also, make sure there is adequate lighting in the space, otherwise, the dim environment will encourage relaxation, instead of stimulation!

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Here is an image of what I would NOT do. Dark, cave like, this feels way too oppressive to be conducive to exercise. Yikes....

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Going a bit over the top in the other direction, the thing I like about this home gym is the energizing orange and other active, bright, colors. There will be no napping in this space.

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A warm, yellow-green like chartreuse or lime, could be energizing, while still relaxing. It's a great way to bring a sense of the outdoors inside. The warm undertones keep the green from being too calming.
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Perhaps a perky blue with green undertones? People often see blue as a calming color, but there are certainly variations that are quite active, like this example.

Those are my thoughts. Do you guys have other suggestions for Rachael's home gym? Anyone have one of their own they are especially proud of?