Rachel Perls, color expert, weighs in: Color trends- no business in home interiors

House Beautiful magazine recently hosted an event that traveled around the country to major cities like New York and San Francisco. As I read an article about the lecture series, dedicated to color, I found myself disagreeing with many of the comments and quotes from designers who spoke there.
For example, in a section titled, "Hot right now", they provide a list of 10 colors that a representative for Kelly-Moore paints said "work well with the colors of consumer goods and goods for the home currently available in the marketplace." Right now, that means "warm and earthy with some kicks of bold and unusual color."(source)

As I've written before, I take issue with following trends when it comes to painting interiors. Color trends are predicted sometimes up to 3 or 4 years in advance by color forecasting groups. Consumers are presented with those pre-selected palettes in order to push merchandise and keep products fresh and relevant (article).

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But what happens 10 years from now?

Case in point:
1960s: Avocado green and harvest gold
Early 1970s: Bright primary colors: red, yellow, blue
Mid-1970s: Electric blue and Kool-aid orange
Early 1980s: Gray with mauve and jade accents
Late 1980s: Miami Vice pastels
Early 1990s: Dark earth tones: gold, green, burgundy
Late 1990s: Pale citrus tones: tangerine, lemon, lime (source)
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(is that green fur on the walls?!)
Great if you are trying to sell someone yet another widget, but not so great when that trendy color has to withstand the test of time on someone's walls. My suggestion would be to play it safer with larger purchases like couches, and then refresh and update with less-costly accessories.
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Paint, while cheap enough to do-over more frequently, is often a hassle. I find homeowners are willing to embark upon major repainting projects maybe once every ten years. Exceptions include new homeowners, who almost always want to put their personal mark on a new place. Businesses, at least retail storefronts, will often spruce up their palettes more frequently. But for the majority of us, who wants to repaint every 3 years?

What are your thoughts on using trendy colors in your home? Thumbs up or down?