Why White Kitchens?

With all these kitchen design dilemmas swirling around these days, I noticed a predominance of home owners opting for white cabinets. This got me thinking- when there are so many other options out there for cabinet colors, why all this white? Anyone who has white appliances or surfaces knows that it's certainly not a matter of practicality- they are a pain to keep clean. So where does the popularity come from?
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Bingo! An entire article dedicated to the musings of a kitchen designer on this very topic-Why all the white kitchen these days?
Quick summary (but you'll have to read the full article for all the details)
1.) White is a classic, reinterpreted again and again through the decades
2.) White kitchens are seen as "fixed architectural elements", like other architectural features in a home: paneling, trim, doors, stairs... This connects them to the other permanent elements in the home.
3.) White is considered a utilitarian color, and easy to project different aesthetics upon
4.) Traditional kitchen design has been redefined, and what was once considered a shaker style kitchen has been reinvented into what Susan calls "the butler's pantry look"
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5.) Lastly, the incredible popularity of the kitchen from the movie, "Something's Gotta Give".

Susan's parting words:
"Kitchen design NOW is all about expressing yourself the way you want to, NOT to follow the pack. Although that said, there will always be trends. Watch out for trends, however, that's my advice, they can be quietly addicting. Maybe not the best way to invest in something that needs to last for, oh, a couple of decades or so. Do what speaks to you, be open to all possibilities, and look past the trends.
...is this look, as I defined it, a trend? Absolutely! Therefore, is it something to run from? No, not this trend, not if it is linked to the architecture of the home. Yet, awareness is a good thing."
and some fun, colorful alternatives way over on the other end of the spectrum...
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