Coloring Contest-Entry 1

Our first submission for the coloring contest is in!

Designed by: Marie Brady
Statement: I'm going to guess this is a Foursquare style Craftsmen with neoclassical columns and a nice dormer. This wonderful architecture is common in the Oakland/Berkeley part of the bay area and one of the many reasons I enjoy living here. My first consideration approaching its color is taking into account the grey roof. I decided on historically appropriate colors in the muted yellow, greens and bronzes. For the base floor I used Benjamin Moore Alligator Green. On the mid-band I went with Benjamin Moore Aged Bronze carrying it up to the dormer and finished off the top floor with Benjamin Moore Timothy Straw for a subtle but not overpowering yellow. I also used the bronze under the eves for a nice pop of color against the yellow. I decided to incorporate a cooler grey for bringing some flow with the grey roof as well as creating some contrast with all of the warm, muted colors. Benjamin Moore's Clay Beige was chosen for the columns and sashes for value contrast and to give continuity between the three floors.