Purple Reigns

While my approach to color design might be anti-trends, it's impossible not to notice them all around me. At several festivities a few weekends ago, I couldn't believe all the purple outfits. From eggplant to lilac, the color was -everywhere-!

(not sure if my friends want to be up on the internet for all eternity, so I blurred out their faces)

We went to a friend's wedding, and at our table alone, 2 out of 8 people were wearing purple...and they were both men. We were situated right near the entrance, and could watch as the 400 guests poured into the banquet hall. I had a great view of everyone, and couldn't keep track of all the purple, worn by both women and men.

image source

It's prevalent in design, as well. Here's a great post from design*sponge on the purple craze..
It has moved from a blue-based lavender to a red-based purple -- almost a raspberry color. There is a convergence of red and purple that is high-energy.

My question is, where did this push for purple stem from? There must have been some deeply-rooted rationale to back this surge of all-things violet. Anyone have any ideas?