Last Color Contest Submission

Reader Jill was inspired to submit two more variations of the famed white house from our Coloring Contest. What a difference color makes!
The first is based on my favorite color combination, purple and green. I used a sage green with an eggplant for the columns and door. I love houses with more than one color on the window frame, so I combined the eggplant with a more neutral putty color. For the rest of the trim on the house, I matched it to the gray roof to make the windows really stand out. I don't have a specific location in mind for this house; this one was guided strictly by colors I like.
For my second house, I decided to start with a location and then apply color. With those columns, it seems only appropriate to have a house in Italy. I based my design on a Tuscan color scheme, with a lot of emphasis on neutral earth tones. I colored the main part of the house a slate gray reminiscent of stone and the trim brown for the appearance of wood. To add a little bit of color, I added terra cotta to the columns and a bit of green to the planters.

So, this marks the end of our exterior coloring contest. Thanks to everyone for participating- you had some marvelous color treatments. I'll be emailing the winner for her contact information shortly.