Designing for an audience

Birmingham Children’s Hospital in the UK has a new burn unit, and the exterior is a fantastic assortment of cheerful colors and fun shapes. Interior Design magazine writes that it's a "design that attempts to reflect the spirit of the children, adolescents and families treated there." With a red curved wall, a cantilevered blue drum shape and a yellow cheese wedge, it certainly looks like a building designed with children in mind.
"In combining old and new, bright colors and intriguing shapes, the new burn unit... achieved a "wow" factor that can only stimulate the recovery of its young patients." (source)
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Great for visiting parents and family, but how does this benefit the injured children inside the building, who certainly don't get to the see the outside of the building until they are recovered, and leaving? Makes me wonder if the designers spent any time and energy on the interior, where the patients are actually treated. I can only conclude that the design is therefore for the public, the parents, and the funders.

Any thoughts?