Holiday cheer

Happy holidays to everyone! Taking a short break from more academic, enriching posts to bring you this sugar-induced greeting.

I'm really an over-sized child. I love craft projects, and the more colorful, the better. Take this recent holiday cookie-decorating party we hosted.
It's all about the toppings. Plastic hair dye bottles from the local drug store work great as icing applicators. Did you know Twizzlers came in a rainbow variety? Oh, and glittery sprinkles are a must...

With cookie-decorating, restraint is not necessary.
The grown-ups had as much fun decorating as the kids. Bird by illustrator Lloyd Dangle. How cute is that?

Even though we tried sending everyone home with the cookies they decorated, some of the more prolific artists left us with plate-loads of cookies. With every ounce of self-restraint, we managed to make the left-overs last at least 2 whole days before they were demolished.

Do you have any creative traditions you like to do, year after year?