What color was that film?

Reader and fellow blogger Jennifer wrote to tell me about a cool color project she had read about called, "Pie", by artist Alan Woo. In this experiment, he boils down movies to their overall color scheme, in order to compare films. A program written in processing captures each frame of each movie and essentially creates a 'pie chart' of the colors contained within each film producing a simplistic and abstracted representation.
Here is the representation of three films directed by Sophia Coppola: The Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation, and Marie Antoinette
image source
The Virgin Suicides was a movie that rambled along slowly. I seem to remember many scenes were shot outside in nature- hence the over-riding green theme. Did I remember that correctly?
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Lost in Translation was a movie laced with a sense of loneliness and despair running through-out. The cool blue tones from harsh fluorescent lights and darker night scenes certainly seem appropriate here.

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Marie Antoinette was all pastel candy colors as the teenage main character partied her way through the film. The overriding color scheme of warm peachy tones is an obvious one to catch in this film.
First row: The Godfather, Second row: Back to the Future
Two trilogies where the director & cinematographer remained the same in each film, hence, a consistent look and feel to the over-riding color scheme.
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The Godfather movies cast a warm, sentimental glow over even the most gruesome of circumstances.

Back to the Future is full of nostalgia, as well, as the warm browns and pinks suggest.

Or how about this one: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I, II & III

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Certainly gloomy and gray, that's for sure.

It's an interesting approach to analyzing movies that I hadn't thought of before, but certainly puts movie-making in a new "light" for me! Can you think of other films that have a distinctive feeling to the overall lighting and palette of the movie?