What's your style of wine?

I am a newbie to the world of wines, and as I develop my palette, I am eager to try more. But the price tag always gets me- who wants to waste good money on a bottle of wine that might not fit your taste? Sainbury, a supermarket chain in the UK, is rolling out a new program of color-coding their own label of wines to encourage customers to try new varieties.
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The new system is based on research for Sainbury's that found 70% of consumers feel intimidated when buying wine and tend to stick to those they know. It also found shoppers prioritize taste before considering the grape variety or country of origin. The description on the color disc describes the character of the wines.

Here's "Crisp & delicate":
Wines in this category are light and easy-drinking. The light, fragrant wines are a perfect match for fish, seafood, light salads or to give a refreshing lift to a rich cheese dish.

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Personally, I am completely overwhelmed by the options out there, and greatly appreciate the helping hand of color-coding. I know what flavors I like to drink; but that's about it. When faced with a row of wine options, I generally select the bottle with the coolest label, to be perfectly honest!

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Sainbury's site also give tips on determing taste based on a wine's color:

A very pale colour in a white wine indicates a lighter style, while deeper golds and yellows usually mean it is richer, oakier or sweeter. Reds vary in colour from brick-red (the orange or brown hints indicate age) to pinky-purple hues, which show youthfulness.(source)

Any wine connoisseurs out there who know if color is one reliable way to determine a general taste? Any favorites?