Carpet revival

How appropriate that just as we finished learning about carpet in my materials class, I received an email about a new website called fun on the floor, created by a consortium of UK carpet industry leaders. Curious, I went to check it out.

Being the floor-dweller that I am, I thought their tag line was great: "Many of the things we do at home would be much more fun if we did them on the floor instead! "

From the low down on carpet styles
to a crazy showhouse that was designed to show-off the versatility of carpet (carpet-upholstered sofa, anyone?) there's lots to see.

I was intrigued by how boldly color was used throughout the spaces. I am not sure if this is just typical of the aesthetics of the showhouse's designer, Danielle Proud, or if this is good indications of the saturated palettes that Brits are comfortable with. (Any UK readers out there care to weigh in?) Obviously, these spaces are way over the top, and not indicative of what your normal, working class homeowner would do to spruce up a space.
While I commend these carpet designers for bringing in colorful options into the carpet world, I would caution against using too strong of a permanent wall to wall carpet choice, as these colors can date themselves really really quickly. Think mauve. Especially if you are planning to sell your house in the near future, I would stick to something a bit more neutral as the base. Now for throw rugs, you can go to town with colors...
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