Noods invade Cartoon Network

The cable television channel Cartoon Network (CN) has done a brilliant job re-branding itself to encompass all their different shows under one branded look, connecting the network and its contents.
By using blank figures, nicknamed "Noods", CN has created a system of interchangeable elements that bonds every show together. All the different characters' unique attributes, including their size, shape, style, pattern, and color palette, are projected onto the Noods.

Same shape, totally different feeling based on the treatment. Notice how each show has a distinct palette?
The blocky logo also works as a canvas to accept the characters' "DNA" to match the look of each show. This seems to be a pretty popular approach to logos these days- versatile and able to evolve.
There's a cute little animated promo explaining the process at Capacity, the motion design studio incharge of this rebrand.