Craigslist in person

This isn't directly related to color, but I wanted to share with you anyways. Being the internet nerd that I am, I jumped at the chance to go hear Craig Newmark, founder of, speak last night in San Francisco. Thanks to him, I've found my house, countless pieces of furniture, tickets to shows, even a few jobs along the way since I started using craigslist back in '97.

Here my husband and I are, waiting in line to get in. (I circled us) We got there super early for good seats.
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A humble, unassuming man, Craig said he just "figures out what feels right in terms of basics," staying true to his gut instincts and core values. This, from someone whose creation has 20 billion page views per month from 500 communities in 50 countries!
I even got up to ask a question, which was nerve-wracking, but exciting. I asked how Craig managed to avoid the temptation of "selling out", so to speak, with advertisements, banner ads, the glitz and glamor offered by larger companies who offered to buy craigslist. His response, "Regarding alot of money and power, what's the point of all this? You do okay, and that works out well-enough. So it's not noble, not altruistic, just getting some idea of what matters."

Want to learn more? You can see the talk or read a summary of the evening. I'd like to hear your thoughts!