Cubicle nightmares and easing the pain

Have any of you done time in a cubicle? I experienced cubicle living for a brief time many years ago. I think I might have lasted a mere week at that temp job before I begged for a "non-corporate" project. To give you an idea of the scope of this office, I was directed to head towards column C4.
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A sea of gray fabric-covered boxes stretched out before me. Even the columns demarcating sections were gray. I thought I would suffocate before even beginning to navigate this maze.
Talk about sucking the life force out of you...

Mick's cube
But there is hope for us worker bees! Lifehacker had a great post about an ad agency who allowed, even encouraged and supported, workers to personalize their cubicles.
Heagan's cube
Yes, it's true, these cubicles are much bigger than your average workspace, with room for a detached desk, bookshelves, even couches.
Brian's cube
But the philosophy of allowing employees to personalize their spaces through color and design is to be commended.
Carol's cube
I think my eyes might hurt after too much time in all this vibrant red... Talk about instant caffeine. Which leads me to wonder if they've tested employee productivity after the cubicle overhauls. I put out an inquiry to the agency to try and get some more detail, but haven't heard back from them.
Cassie's cube
It's also interesting to see how each person interpreted "work environment" and really customized it to make them feel comfortable (and hopefully more productive).
Holly's cube
From rugs, paint on the walls, artwork...even drapery and light fixtures, people really pulled out all the stops.
Tina's cube
You can definitely get a sense of each person's personality from the color choices they made, don't you think?
Lynne's cube
From somewhat sedate celedon
Trey's cube
to a more spicy palette of paprika and chartreuse, everyone started out with the same gray box, and gave it his or her own spin. This should encourage you to do the same with your home- make it really yours- don't be afraid to go all out.

Aren't they fabulous? Which space are you attracted to the most? Let's discuss our favorites!

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