Save the pink bathroom

While procrastinating doing my taxes, I stumbled upon a hilarious blog called, "Save the Pink Bathrooms". Relating to the hideousness that is my own salmon pink bathroom, I couldn't resist poking around.The goal of the site/blog is to draw attention to and preserve vintage Mamie Pink bathrooms, a huge trend from the 1950's.
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The author is passionate about retro revival, and bemoans demolitions that eradicate the perks of pinkness.
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"How sad it was to catch a TV makeover show that ripped out a perfectly beautiful vintage bathroom...Seems like a bunch of the rest of the world — well behind our curve — actually dislikes vintage pink bathrooms. They will regret what they have done," she vows.
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Retro certainly is colorful!
They even have a flickr site where you can upload pics of your own retro pink bathroom.

Do you have a passion for pink powder rooms?