Interactive school walls

Reader and artist Sónia wrote in to share with us a recent project she just completed.
"First of all, let me congratulate you on your fantastic blog. I am a reader for about 1 year. I love the way you talk about color and especially the quality of your expertise in that subject. I am a Portuguese ceramics designer living, of course, in Portugal. Your post about schools got my attention and I felt like sharing with you my most recent project - dressing up the walls in the 'living area' of a school using ceramic tiles I've developed."
These whimsical, tactile tiles have a textured surface that is just impossible to resist touching.

With fun, edible names like 'Lemon Scales' and 'Blueberry Scratches', they're just ripe for the picking.

Running down stairways and enlivening communal areas of the school: what a wonderful, interactive design for children.
Go ahead and touch, it's okay!