Healing or headache?

Benjamin Moore just put out a newsletter, with an interesting article entitled, "The Healing Power of Color".

A chiropractor in Denver takes an innovative approach to health and healing. I don't know about this one; it might be a little over the top even for me!
Here's the floor plan of where each potent color is placed. Luckily, charcoal gray was used on the ceilings and floors to balance all that brightness.
images source
The designer claims that since the chiropractor wanted to attract an ethnically-diverse clientele, that this palette was appealing to that audience. Since he's color blind, all he sees is high contrast. The designer was going for a mood that was, "personal, communal, natural, and flowing."(source)

I do agree that it's refreshing to see vibrant rich colors used, but might this all be a little -too- stimulating? What do you all think?