Trimmings for the basement

Speaking of basements, Sarah in Minnesota recently moved, and has big plans for her basement. But she's stuck on where to start, to make the space livable before renovations. She has set her sights on tackling the trim first.
"It's very overwhelming. Do I go with what I like (white trim), or match the rest of the house (wood trim) even though it's not my favorite? I always keep resale value in mind even if I plan to stay somewhere forever. At this point I'm just trying to pick trims (white or lightish wood?) and carpet. We're eventually remodeling, adding a bedroom, a bathroom, a wet bar, fire place with built in bookcases, a game area, and a closet." -Sarah
Here's some examples of Sarah's wood trim upstairs.
And here's the basement. It's pretty much a blank slate at this point.

So, readers, what would you suggest Sarah do about trim for her basement? Should she install wood, or white?