What color is your fitness approach?

Here's a fun(but complicated) little quiz, modeled on the Myers- Briggs personality type test, to assess how you approach exercising and fitness.
The 8 Colors of Fitness Quiz

The quiz works in conjunction with a book called (surprise, surprise!) "The 8 Colors of Fitness; a guide to help you discover your color-coded fitness personality and create an exercise program you'll never quit"

I'm intrigued. It seems sort of like a horoscope prediction, but I'm willing to give it a shot. As a rather easily- distracted person, I can hyper-focus on something for a short period of time, but rarely have the discipline to stick it out, long-term. I absolutely need an exercise buddy to accomplish my fitness goals. I wonder what it will say about me... let's all take it so we can compare notes.

but I don't really agree with the results, so if I take the test again, what will it say?
Hm, this is really hard. Similar to a polarity profile, the questions ask you to select one of two choices for each descriptive phrase about your approaches in life. I have trouble pigeon-holing myself into one option or the other.

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Well, I certainly wouldn't be caught dead in that 80's unitard, so it's a good thing I wasn't purple!

Did you find this difficult too?

Thanks to the the Color Association for the tip!