Sophie's Colours

I just came across the work of Sophie Smallhorn, a British artist.
Best known for her wall-mounted, chromatically-inspired pieced, she also takes commissions on larger pieces, working as a color consultant. Her work is vibrant and cheerful- more like fine art than interior design. She certainly has an identifiable "look" for which she is commissioned.

Here are a few examples I found of her work:
The City Academy school in Nottingham. I love how each floor or area is defined by it's own gradated palette of cheerful hues.
And a fabulous treatment of colored vinyl bands for revolving doors at the Canary Warf in London. Inside...images source
...and outside. So playful and whimsical.
image source
This installation makes for a dramatic greeting- bold blocks of color at the entrance to the Underground Station from Canada Place Mall.
It's amazing what art and color can do to spice up other-wise boring, utilitarian spaces, don't you think? Have you seen any great public art installations?