What a difference a make-over makes

Want to see the power of color? I recently had coffee with a local interior designer, Florence Goguely, to chat about her collaborative work with Cecile Picard involving color design. While scrolling through images on her laptop of a fabulous elementary school project (more on that in a later post), I caught a glimpse of some amazing 'before' and 'after' shots of hotel make-over. Intrigued, I wanted to see more. Florence was kind enough to share those photos with me, so that I could in turn share them with you. Using just paint and a few decorative elements, this hotel went from blah to hazzah! Color me impressed.
The Stanford Terrace Inn was nothing worth stopping for, design-wise. Located in posh Palo Alto, across from Stanford University, it lacked the pizazz to draw visitors. It's drab exterior said 'out-dated residence', not 'chic, sophisticated boutique accomodations'. But wow, swap out the green awnings, brighten up the palette with warm, cheerful, punchy tones, and it suddenly becomes an entirely different establishment.This dark gauntlet of a hallway was anything but inviting. With a coat of high-gloss sky blue paint on the ceilings to reflect light, sconces on the walls, some big mirrors with ornate painted "frames", and a warm peachy wall color, it's a totally different story, now.
Love that mediteranean color palette. Add a few citrusy umbrellas, some potted plants and deck seating, and voila, a welcoming, relaxing environment.Can you believe it's the same hotel?
What an amazing transformation.

images copyright Florence Goguely