Dealing with pinky-oak cabinets

I did a color consultation for a lovely woman this past weekend. Moving into a rental unit while she searches for the perfect house to buy, she wanted to perk things up a bit, and got permission to paint over the "landlord beige" color.

You never know what sort of challenges are waiting for you at a consultation. Every project has a "stump the consultant" room. Armed with my architectural paint chips and fan deck, it's always an adventure.

Her kitchen was a stumper, for sure. Had this been her house, I would have suggested painting or restaining the cabinets, but as it's just a rental, I didn't want to push it.
I don't have pictures of her actual kitchen, but here is an example from another client's kitchen of the color of her cabinets.

With pinky-undertone wood, the client wanted to de-emphasize the pink cast. To note, with a large picture window showcasing dull gray balconies next door, she didn't want to draw anymore attention to the gray outside.

What would you suggest she do? Susan, will you weigh in too?