How climate affects color choices

In San Francisco, the fog rolls in, covering everything in a blanket of subdued gray. Other locations deal with white hot sun beating down daily. While some cities fight the wash-out from weather with brights (think Albuquerque or Miami), San Francisco opts for a more sophisticated palette of hues. Now, there are certainly exceptions to the rule: take Painted Lady Victorians, for example. But even within that palette, you won't find much lime green or turquoise as the dominant color.
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In a recent San Francisco Chronicle article, it's discussed how the weather and fog effect San Francisco design. Three different designer's approaches to coping with the fog: select opposites, embrace it, or fight it all together.

Do you think the regional climate in your area has an effect on how you chose colors for your home? If you've lived in different cities, did your palette change, depending upon where you were living?