The blogosphere and how you fit in

I'm having an aha moment. Whether you write, read, or write/read blogs, I think this can apply to everyone.

Learning about blogging etiquette and trends has been a fascinating process. Some blogs have been around for years, with a small handful of loyal readers. Others have just started up, but have a huge following. Some blogs get 2, maybe 3 comments per post, while others collect 30, 40, sometimes even 100's of comments. I got to wondering what it was about blogs that inspired people to come back again and again...and comment to boot!

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Through Curb Appeal (via another new favorite read of mine, Color Me Happy), I read an interesting post by Penelope Trunk, a career therapist. She says that the most interesting posts are not those written with absolute certainty, but those topics about which you are uncertain. That leaves room for dialogue, and everyone, writer and readers, on more equal ground, opening up the topic for discussion. No one wants to write in a bubble. The concept of two-way conversations is an intriguing one- to inform readers, while still engaging them in discussion. I want this for us! I know many of you are bloggers yourselves, and still more are dedicated readers of at least a few sites. So, what brings readers back regularly? What inspires you to comment on a blog? How has blogging been for you?