Giveaway from Lemon Jitters

I am proud to announce the first giveaway of 2009 for Hue readers. The lovely Katie Guthrie of Lemon Jitters is offering up a pair of one-of-a-kind sapphire blue earrings.She created these beauties specially for one lucky Hue reader. Aren't they fabulous? Wish I could participate...

How about a little about the artist first? Katie is a graduate student in Louisiana. In her free time, she makes jewelry from vintage and up-cycled materials. She's especially inspired by the color and motion of different pieces. In Katie's own words:
"A fellow jewelry designer once told me that she doesn't consider herself a metal worker or forger of fine materials, but a color mixer. I totally identify with that, as colors are truly the lifeline of my work. Even the subtle nuances of a basic bronze beadcap lend a completely different air to a piece than a darker brass would. With that attention to fine details and variations of color, I am drawn to the muted tones. I love understated, yet decadent color palettes. I also enjoy oxidizing metals because the result is stunning! I like seeing the slight changes in patina throughout a piece. That is where I think the real beauty of a piece lies, in the faint variations here and there."
Currently exploring the idea of juxtaposing unlikely materials, she used to work a lot with vintage hardware and now is hooked on vintage glamour. There's a great mix of those two vibes in her etsy shop, often in the same piece.

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She's quite generous with her knowledge, often offering tutorials on her blog for how to make her pieces.

Okay, now onto the contest!

The winner will receive these earrings featuring two vintage sapphire glass navette jewels, vintage beads with a lovely patina, and hand-oxidized brass chain and earwires. Elegant for daytime or evening.

How to participate in the giveaway:
Post a comment with your best tid bit or historical fact about the color blue. Be sure to include your email address. A winner will be selected by Lemon Jitters in one week and be notified via email.

So, what do you know about blue?