An important tip about hiring painters

If you've just hired a paint contractor, be sure to be VERY clear as to what you want, how you want it done, and what paint is acceptable. One of the risks involved with my job is that once you hand off specs to a client, unless it's specified that you are also project managing, anything that happens next is pretty out of your hands. Case in point- a job I just finished.
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Painter put in bid for job. Painter got job. Painter saw I had spec'ed Benjamin Moore exterior paint. Painter decided that my selection was too expensive, and used Fuller O'Brien paint. Was it a perfect color match? Certainly not. Will my clients get the long-lasting quality inherent in a higher-end paint brand? I doubt it. Does this bum me out that my instructions were not followed? You betcha.

Thanks for letting me rant. Back to our regularly scheduled program...