New England Fall Palette

Today, we are oh so very fortunate to have Barbara Jacobs guest blogging for Hue! Barbara's website was the very first one I discovered when I began my eager search for information on becoming a color consultant.

An IACC-accredited color consultant based in the Boston, Mass. area, Barbara has worked locally and nationally for over 20 years to help people create supportive environments for home and business. Since 2005 her fine arts background and long-time interest in traditional textiles and textile design have converged with her passion for color, bringing to life her line of hand woven rugs, Silk Road Weaves.

Musings on End of Summer…Suddenly it’s Fall in New England
A transition from the hot, hazy summer to a fresh entry into new creative work.
by Barbara Jacobs

Is it something in the air? To me, it’s a different feeling and smell of the air, a change in the quality of the light, a feeling of activity and energy. Translating this into color is exciting.

I want to share with you some of my favorite images that express the feeling of seasonal change here in New England. The palettes I've created reference Ellen Kennon Full Spectrum paints.

image source
For those who are unfamiliar with this brand, I really like her paint because Ellen mixes her colors using pigments that reflect all the hues of the spectrum. Perfect for “fall” lighting, even colors that look grayed or toned-down have a luminous quality. The number of colors that go into each can of paint make it easy for you to use paint colors that do not exactly “match’ your furniture. There will almost always be a way to create a harmonious and unique environment. And isn’t that what makes it so rewarding?

Fall palettes draw heavily from nature; just look around you, the possibilities are endless.

Top left: Rust, top right: Citrine, bottom: Tulip Leaves, center: Peridot, bottom center: Silk Road Plum

Deeper, richer and more saturated on one hand,

Clockwise from top left: Bronze, Morning Yellow, Ginger Ale, Spring Green, and Olive (center)

and earthy hues on another. In any case, a punctuation of vivid accent or very dark outlines can add an energetic dynamic.

Clockwise from top left: Wedgewood, Spring Green or Jaunty Jen, Buttercup, Cognac, Kennon Ivy (center)

In Maine, on an island…a time to contemplate, do Nothing, watch the ocean, the sky.

Clockwise from top left: Sky, Stone, Camel Hair, Mustard Seed, Olive (center), Verdigris (center outline)

Crisp colors and the trees change color and texture almost before our eyes—while we get ready for the next season.

Clockwise from top left: Peridot, Milk Chocolate, Jaunty Jen, Terracotta Sand, Bronze (center)

Farmer’s markets still make available local produce—peaches, nectarines,

Clockwise from top left: Rust, Berry Red, Chestnut, Luminaire, Chartreuse or Jaunty Jen (center)

and the new Fall apples combine to create a sense of transition.

Clockwise from top left:Emerald, Wheat, Chestnut, Pumpkin Spice, Dean's Dream (center)

We’re starting to see the winter squashes with their protective shells and colors that are simultaneously vibrant...

Clockwise from top left: Sandy Lagoon, Parchment, Chestnut, Clay, Morning Yellow (center)

Clockwise from top left: Stone, Edgewood Green, Bark, Chestnut, Terracotta Sand (center)

and earthy, reminding us to be ready to take shelter and get warm.

Clockwise from top left: Silk Road Plum, Peridot, Magnolia, Amber, Jaunty Jen (center)

Changing leaf color—even if it’s not dramatically brilliant foliage—can be a beautiful color inspiration. Even desert colors will also be influenced by seasonal changes.

Clockwise from top left: Magnolia, Terracotta Sand, Mocha, Tuscan Sun, Dean's Dream (center)

Using color in our homes to express a transition in mood can be a challenge. Talking about paint, maybe you are inspired to make a change. Change in seasons often has that effect! So, wherever you live, I’d encourage you to look at your natural surroundings and think about what the changes have been from the previous season. Live near water? Is the river, lake, ocean that’s near you a different color than it was when it reflected the summer sky?

Enjoy bringing the seasonal change into your own home!

NOTE: as with all color representations on a monitor, please remember to see the actual paint colors for an accurate view.

all images copyright Barbara Jacobs