How we see color

What do you think of this statement?
"Remember this: that the light that falls on to your eye, sensory information, is meaningless. Because it could mean literally anything."
Intrigued? Check out: Optical Illusions Show How We See, a talk by Beau Lotto recorded at TED this past July in Oxford, England.

Finally, a comprehensive argument for the context of light, color, and our perception. Need more? A snippet from Beau's talk:
"nearly every living system has evolved the ability to detect light in one way or another. So, for us, seeing color is one of the simplest things the brain does. And yet, even at this most fundamental level, context is everything. What I want to talk about is not that context is everything, but why is context everything. Because it's answering that question that tells us not only why we see what we do, but who we are as individuals, and who we are as a society."
Fascinating stuff...

Thanks to reader, color consultant and fellow IACC'er Catherine Stein for this tip!