San Francisco color consultant asks: Can you have too much color?

All I have to say is, "whoa."This rooftop house additional is like nothing I have seen before. And no, that's not photoshop work! Designed by Winy Maas for a friend's family residence in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, it's fondly referred to as the Didden Village.

The NYT says, "Maas’s deliberate childlike house shapes combined with the dazzling blank blue planes create the impression that you are living inside a CAD drawing rather than a real house; it’s as if the house is still in a constant process of being imagined."
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The bright blue rooftop complex consists of three bedrooms separated by a “Main Street.”

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"By finishing all elements with a blue poly-urethane coating a new “heaven” appears. It creates a crown on top of the monument."(source)

But what do you think? Is it successful? Innovative, or just quirky? I certainly appreciate the concept of urban density and designs that address those issues. And why not bring in some eye-popping cerulean blue while you're at it! But -everything- in blue? What's that like to live with?
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