Jamie Drake fever

Color pal Kelly Berg and I attended a talk at San Francisco Design Center's Design Week where we heard media darling interior designer Jamie Drake speak. 
"Color keeps the eye moving around a room. I detest stagnancy!" -Jamie Drake
I've referenced his bold use of color here on Hue in the past, and was curious to see what he was like in person. Kelly and I hadn't had much luck with talks at the SFDC in the past, so we attended with a certain amount of skepticism. But it was great! Jamie is approachable, friendly, and quite an entertaining speaker. While he doesn't take himself too seriously, he certainly knows his stuff.
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Jamie is passionate that there should be character and personality in interior design; he really doesn't like them to look like big bowls of porridge or oatmeal. I couldn't agree more. Down with bland porridge rooms!
Hope over to Kelly's blog for the full scoop on Jamie Drake's SFDC talk.