The perfectly composed room

Working with my living room, dining room-turned-office and baby room (in brainstorming phase), I'm realizing more and more the importance of balancing your palette. Not just through lights and darks, or saturation levels, but also through warms and cools.
Browsing online, I notice many beautiful spaces that seem to lack that balance.

If we took away the branches of greenery, this space would feel like it was missing something, don't you think?
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Or this image, from the same house. Once again, what would we do without that shot of green? Thank you stylists! I also wish there were more contrast in here- maybe some midtones or darks? Everything is floating on that white carpet.

Reminds me of an experience I had with an ungrounded space...
I was visiting my sister, walked to the very edge of the entryway tiles, and froze in place, too intimidated to continue forward onto the pristine white carpeting. Any of you experience something similar?