The finishing touches make all the difference

It's here, it's here! My rug has finally arrived. I'm really happy with the cozy, inviting vibe it brings to the space. Whimsical, without being too fru fru.
Now that it's in place, the final touches must be made to pull everything together. We do plan to replace that flimsy little iron table by the window, and get some end tables (probably arts and crafts style). With all those warm tones in the golden walls, violet sofas, and red rug, we simply must bring in some cools for balance. 

Blogging pal and IACC-NA colleague Elizabeth says that on a recent trip to Thailand, she saw this combo with a gorgeous deep green, almost teal color . I love the idea, and think it might be the missing piece to this palette. There are even touches of teal in the rug to pull out.

Here is a snapshot of the whole room, complete with evidence of 'real life'-a cluttered dining room table and doggy toy box. Yup, the fireplace as focal point had to be sacrificed for space, but it doesn't work anyways.
Only time will tell how difficult it will be to clean up after my darling pooch Lucy, who made this rug selection process that much more challenging due to her, er, 'habits'.

There a some fun options online for pre-made pillows: what do you think?

Perusing online to find the perfect deep teal/peacock blue fabric to recover our blue microvelvet throw pillows has proven more difficult than I thought. Seems consumers in the states just don't buy much jewel-toned upholstery-weight fabric. Even after visiting the San Francisco Design Center with pal and colleague Kelly, we were dismayed by the shortage of brightly colored fabrics. Everything was muted, muted, muddy tones. 
Interestingly, we did find a few amazing samples of gorgeous peacock blue fabric in the high-end designer line Highland Court. $250-300/yard anyone? 

Wonder what that says about color preferences as it relates to budget... Interesting topic to delve into further.

So, how would you pull the space together, my fabulously creative, visionary readers?