What a difference clean design makes

With just a few days to go before my due date, I am rather distracted, to say the least! But I will do my best to get you some fun color tid bits until then, after which Hue's fabulous guest bloggers will begin their appearances.

And now, for some re branding appreciation...

Here are before and after shots for a soymilk repackaging project. It's so refreshing to see a clean, simple design instead of your standard, "cram as many graphics, sunbursts and marketing lingo onto the packaging as possible".
images source 
Talented illustrator Ben Javens was brought on the project to design various sun images. As Brand New astutely mentions, "the wrong choice in illustrator would have made this just a big, cloying mess."
Do you have kids who fancy themselves budding artists? 8th Continent is holding a contest (ends June 12th, so better hurry!) to put your child's sun drawing on the carton.

Speaking of white...Have you noticed a trend towards more simplistic packaging lately? I feel like I'm seeing many more products on white backgrounds, and not just generic/private label brands or pharmaceuticals. Do they stand out more in the grocery store aisles? Are you more inclined to purchase these products because of the packaging?

Thanks to Brand New for originally posting this