Lounging in Luxury

Some eye candy for you from the Maison Moschino Hotel in Milan, Italy...of course.
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What, you mean by the fashion brand, Moschino? Yup, the very same.
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Who would think within these stately walls, reality would be turned on it's head?

What happens when you step into a dream? Each room answers this question with themed spaces, inspired by the unconventional side of fairy tales.

"The ordinary world, painted with a surrealist brush".
I love that!

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To me, the rooms' success lies in the dramatic lighting and elegant, simple palette. So theatrical, it really sets a mood, don't you think?

6 fanciful settings each different that give name to the 65 rooms of the hotel and that are surrealistic visions obtained by adapting the typical language of fashion to the interior design.  The common thread connecting the guestrooms is a fairy tale theme inside a dreamlike environment which tell an optimistic story about a fantasy world and come to three-dimensional life. “Alice’s Room”, “The Petal Room”, “Red Riding Hood”, “Forest”, and “Gold” transform sleep into a dreamy experience, continuously weaving between a fairytale dream and upbeat, optimistic reality. (source)

This is a branded hotel, part of the Moschino empire, "where four stars meet a few clouds– and the occasional teacup table, forest bedpost, and rose petal-covered bedspread". I wonder where the idea of cross-marketing a fashion brand with a hotel first started? I always thought cross-marketed cars were so silly, like the LLBean Subaru, etc. Would you be tempted to go here, just based on your love of a fashion brand?

Very mysterious and dark, not light and fluffy like some iterations of children's tales. The promo video for this hotel reads like a mystery novel.

 With gold stilettos and animated bugs of course.

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Even the hotel restaurant serves up branded plates.

Its all about fashion- seeing, and being seen.

In a world where hoteliers are like movie stars, this snazzy place is all about the Experience.

Got your catsuit ready?

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