Funky fashion: Desigual

After my post on mauve in fashion, I started thinking more about how the clothes we wear reflect the image we want to project. My taste in clothes has always run more expensive than my budget allows, so my wardrobe has yet to really represent me the way I'd like it to.  So I was thrilled when I stumbled upon a brand new clothing brand called Desigual. Well, relatively new to the United States, and certainly new to me!
Here is their newest shop, located in Union Square, a prime shopping district in San Francisco.

Out of Barcelona, Spain, they are known for multi-colored patchwork fabric in the craziest combinations you've ever seen.

Each season the Desigual design team, with about 20 designers, prepares a collection of over 1,000 items, including clothes and accessories, built around a unified concept.

Not the best choices for outfit basics, but great for a few show-stopper pieces.

Say goodbye to that little black number, and hello to a riot of colors and patterns. No one piece is the same. Each garment is produced in parts, every one with its own design, color and fabric, and then assembled in different combinations.

 Not sure if I know any guys brave enough to wear these numbers, but it's refreshing to see some color injected into men's wear, regardless.
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and of course, little kids can get away with crazy combos like these.

Aren't they great?