Hottest color of the season? Go back 30 years

Want to predict the hottest color of the season? Simply back-track 30 years, and you're likely to run into a color about to make it's grand come-back. Take mauve, for example.

I recently met up with some girlfriends in San Francisco for some much-needed rest and relaxation, prepared to do some serious damage with my credit card. I have to say, my reaction to the fashions being marketed now is "blech!" I wish I had snapped some pictures of the clothing displays to give you a better idea, but alas, I was too busy being disappointed that I couldn't squeeze into skinny jeans.
What I did notice was a resurgence of mauve. "Ack, really?" you might say, recoiling in horror. Yup.

Icky gray, 1980's, Miami Vice, hospital palette, grandma's bad dye job, over-used, guilt by association, pink trying to be purple, mauve.

 I wonder what it has been renamed? Dusty Rose perhaps? Pale pink neutral? Blush? Lilac?

It was everywhere. You couldn't get away from it. Mauve, gray, taupe and peach. For those of us who prefer saturated hues, the prevalence of insipid, washed out tones was, well, depressing!  (That's not to say that there weren't beautiful rich colors available in other area, like home accessories, etc)

I don't completely dislike the color. I guess it's more that I am amazed how similar the color palettes are out there in the fashion world. As if designers all gather in a room to discuss what limited options they will provide mass consumers for any given season. For once, I would love to see brands breaking away from trends and blaze their own color ways. I rail against color trends in this post from a few years back.

I know it's not breaking news here, but I had to vent to ya'll.