Clever Fashionista

Style isn't something you can buy, but it is something you can acquire. The ultimate goal is to looking fabulous during these hard economical times. We here at NL Collective, as a business development and integrated consulting firm, live for the pursuit of great fashion. Who doesn't want to know how to score designer goods or put together a super fly wardrobe with a reasonable price point, without having to wait for the sales. Especially since Mother Nature wants to play a traditional game of cat and mouse when it comes to Spring. Being fashionable doesn’t mean splurge on pricey outfits; you can shop on a budget and still look stylish.

Whether your debating if you should dig in your closets, start spring-cleaning and make room for the latest trends or just take it day by day.  Most of us are ready to hit the streets, shop and pull out our favorite shorts and flip flops instead of our everyday black bags, shoes and full-length coat. Although, you may have plenty of money in your kitty and it’s burning a hole in your pocket, but to save it for the rainy day would be a wise option. So, all the shopaholics who can’t resist picking the most expensive garment available in the store or online need to give a second thought.  When faced with this problem kick it up a notch with colorful individual options from your very own closet and from NL Collective experienced designers.

Xuan Thu- Nguyen Clutch

Look stunning in Gene, Purple Ginger and Amorette, great collections that are ready-made admirable outfits and dresses you can spots in any season and are ready to seize the moment and make a great style catch. Pair a sensible heel or boot with this fabulous brand so you can maneuver through any weather conditions. With all the gray and black going on from this fall, a handbag from Xuan Thu- Nguyen.  There's nothing like a hand knitted satin bias with silver chain, the perfect accent. Animal prints are always a go; done correctly, pieces from the Belle Sauvage Leopard collection will never go out of style. But play it safe with an accessory from Young&ng. A solid coat is always necessary; so if you're going to splurge on anything, let it be a good coat.


Gene Butterfly Collection

Accessories can play a major part when trying to dress for the weather. Bracelets, bracelets, bracelets be inspired by these fantastic pastel colours and cool summer looks. We love it! When it comes to accessories, it's all about color, especially accessories with turquoise or metallic. The leather solid and metallic bracelets have been very popular. For an even cooler look, combine the pastel colours, and you’re ready for this summer. Channel the inner princess in you with divine head pieces and chunky or knit scarf, it may look a little silly paired with a lightweight jacket or a just warm enough blazer. As for now deck yourself out in eye-catching accessories and items that will turn heads during any season.
Kristin Hanson


Purple Ginger

The fact that there are so many hot, wearable looks that allow you to reveal your true colors and endless options of your own sense of style when challenged with unruly weather. There are going to be plenty of 80-degree days to look forward too. As the temps start to play mind games with us by rising and falling, it's time to shed the heavy layers and lighten up. There are scores of perfect spring scarves and headpieces that are ripe for the picking. In every print, pattern and palette under the sun. We can't think of an easier or faster way to change up any basic outfit.  No matter if you wrap it, tie it, or just let it flow, it's the best way to have a fabulous and unique 30-second makeover around.