Where' s The Love?!

Celebrities are walking billboards for designers, when New York socialite Genevieve Jones is shot in the press wearing a fabulous necklace, you tend to want a piece of that her and the apparel she's wearing. More and more everyday you hear of celebrities teaming up with designers to debut their clothing, shoes and accessories line. But have you ever wondered why when celebrities decide to enter the fashion world they choose to team up with designers who are already established and placed a stamp on the fashion industry by themselves?

Who wouldn't want to work with Valentino, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Alexander Mc Queen and Giorgio Armani; these designers have had a lasting impact on the fashion world and popular culture throughout the decades. From classic to eclectic. These designers distinct styles will always influence the way people dress, and the way new designers approach their work, but aren't these celebrities worried about ideas be taking over by their team.

Without a doubt celebrities turned into fashion designers like Gwen Stefani (L.A.M.B), Kanye West ( DW, Giuseppe Zanotti $6,000 shoe), Nicky Hilton (jewelry line) and Nicole Richie (House of Harlow) have a great sense of style and an eye for fashion, but do they really have the war wounds or know what it feels like to start at ground zero in the fashion industry? Can it be these public figures feel they've accomplished everything in the field of music, acting or being a socialite and want to move on to different ventures in life? If so, why aren't they using up and coming designers that aren't able to afford the budget needed to get their line off the ground but have the passion, drive and the ability to bring your ideas to life. Have these celebs ever heard of paying it forward?

Gwen Stefani L.A.M.B Spring 2012 

Kanye West DW Spring 2012

Nicky Hilton Jewelry Line

Nicole Richie Winter Kate 
Spring 2012

Beyonce showed major support and love for up and coming designer Lleah Rae, who is a recent design school grad. Beyone wore a nude flower embellished number designed by Lleah Rae on the cover of DT Magazine February 2012 issue (pre baby Blue Ivy) and if you rememeber she wore this piece in the “Best I Never Had” single cover. Lleah Rea received her big break by meeting Beyonce’s stylist Ty Hunter at an event one night.
Beyonce in Lleah Rae Lingerie

When you have well known public figures with a fan base come out with a line, it's challenging for the Selahdors and Kristin Hansons lines to be picked up after they've put their blood, sweat and tears into their business. Not to mention the education some these future household names went there.

Working with designers like Young&ng, Moe 12and Gene can appeal to a different demographic and audience.  Especially since social media plays an important role in exposing the public to designer brands.

Selahdor Spring 2012

Kristin Hanson Bridal collection

Young&ng SS 2012
Moe 12 Spring 2012
Gene Ready-to-Wear collection