The Business Side of Fashion

Being a young professional trying to break into the industry can be extremely hard, like many young males and females who long to have the dream of working in the fashion industry. Whether it’s styling your favorite celebrity or becoming a buyer for their favorite department store. While watching scripted shows like Designed by Jane and Ugly Betty or reality shows such as The City and The Hills, definitely dramatize what it’s like in the industry. Yes there’s fashion shows, glamour, fabulousness and of course the clothes but like any other industry, you have to work hard and pay your dues. But what about the business side?

The Hills

Nina Garcia- Editor for Elle Magazine

When you hear someone say "I want to work in the fashion industry" advertising, marketing and public relations aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. These are careers, which always seems to get looked over for the more glamorous roles like being an editor or modeling and designing.

Grace Coddinton - Creative Director 
of American Vogue

Here at NL Collective we’re an international and national fashion firm; we provide support for business developing, branding, marketing, creative direction, strategic sales, private label work and public relations. We get to work on great accounts such as Belle Sauvage, Young&ng, Amorette, Kristin Hanson, Purple Ginger, Julia deVille, Selahdor, Xuan-Thu Nguyen, Marie-Lise Lachapelle, Moe 12, Divka and Gene! NL Collective focuses on gaining exposure for our clients, whether it's communicating with editors and seeing what styles they need for upcoming shoots, talking to celebrity stylists and coordinating which looks would be great for their clients, setting up photo shoots and interviews and generally handling all business.

 Belle Sauvage


Xuan-Thu Nguyen
Julia de Ville

On this side of fashion we get to see amazing things about our job that changes everyday, whether it’s preparing a sales presentation for potential buyers or managing and coordinator a trip to California for fashion shows.