Dark Romance

Disce Mori, translated from Latin means ‘learn to die’; A theme that has made its way to the top of pop culture in recent years with our increasing fascination of mortality and the afterlife. It’s a theme that we at NL Collective find enthralling and one that jewelry designer Julia deVille owns and lives by.

DeVille creates intricate pieces, exhibiting a vivid representation of death, to wear proudly and remind us to live in the present moment.
Taxidermy, human hair, gold and silversmithing are the core of her creative direction, designed and crafted in such a romantic way, you can’t help falling in love.

Ahead of her time, Australian designer Julia deVille just launched her brand in New York last year. Two years before the Fall 13/14 Dark Romance trend forecast, a dark and dreamy collection from Gucci, Bottega Veneta and Givenchy of luxe velvet, sheer lace, soft leather and sultry silk. Just like deVille’s designs, the inspiration for this coming trend is a merge between the fifteenth to eighteenth century Goths and Victorian royalty.

Preservation of beauty is the co-core of deVille’s brand as well as her undying ethic against animal cruelty. We at NL Collective feel it is very special that all of the animals used in deVille’s art died of natural causes and she incorporates them to celebrate their existence.

Below are some product shots taken from her website: http://www.discemori.com/ they are available online and at Coco de Mer at 236 Elizabeth St in New York. Check the stockist list on deVille's website for other cities.